Screw and Bolt-site supply screw、bolt、wsher、nut、rivet、ball plunger、socket cap screw DIN912,customized screw in Taiwan


  • supply screw、bolt、wsher、nut、rivet、ball plunger、socket cap screw DIN912,customized screw
  • supply screw、bolt、wsher、nut、rivet、ball plunger、socket cap screw DIN912,customized screw
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About《Screw and Bolt-site》
Tung Kang Screw Limited in Taiwan specialize in Screw, Bolt, Washer ,Nut ,Rivet ,Ball Plunger,Self tapping thread insert,Low height hex socket cap screw,Multi-station customized screw,standoff, and many more.We have over 55 years of experience in designing,research and developing of any spec and any quantity,we also have more than 55 years of experience with manufacturing background,we aim for the best quality and the best price.
Have you encountered issues when buying screws and small hardware items such as:
(1) Wrong measurements? lower torque? Foreign parts? rust issue? Bad thread?
(2) Delay delivery due to Lead time being too long
(3) Unable to take advantage of the cost down period?
(4) Supplier can not offer a quote in 3 days? The developing period is too long?
 We are able to:
(1) Resolve the above issue
(2) Provide practical, latest technology news
(3) Provide lowest price update
(4) Provide online consultation on screw quality issues
Please visit our website,our outstanding customer service will offer you great value and quality.
1. We can guarantee 50ppm level for regular spec, for special spec that are used on auto-assembly line we can even guarantee a 20ppm level.
2. We can provide measurement report, sample ISIR all spec measurement report, hardness measurement report, salt spray test report, material certification, platting thickness measurement report, ROHS un-cadmium,un-lead,un-mercury,un-Cr6 test report.
➤ Delivery and Lead Time
1. Regular lead time is 30days.
2. We can keep stock for customer request then lead time is 1day, this will lower the stocking price for you.
➤ Quantity:
1. Standard product no requirement in quantity, this will lower your purchase expense and risk.
2. Customize product can negotiation in quantity, we can ship each individual order, and you can pay accordingly, this can help you control your expense and stay within budget.

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Screw and Bolt-Site︱Tung Kang Screw Co,Ltd in Taiwan
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Service:screw︱bolt︱washer︱nut︱rivet︱ball plunger︱self thread insert︱low height cap socket screw︱customized screw︱multi station specialized screw︱stainless screw︱copper screw︱fastener,designing,reserch,developing.
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